Wandering Camera

Album 192
(Translated by Yaroslava Yingling)


On Moscow Prospect, between subway stations "Frunzenskaya" and "Moscow Gates", slightly on the side, Voskresensky Novodevichy Monastery, Kazanskaya Church and Novodevichie Graveyard are located.


Novodevichiy Monastery.

The building is big and prolonged, and I could not take a good shot at plainly due to the foliage. You can see the central part of the building on this picture. 
The building was build in 1845 by project of architect N.E.Efimov. Emperor Nikolay Pavlovich is considered to be the founder of this building. 
This Monastery is excited as organization prior to the construction of this building (at first, in 1740th - on the place of present Smoliny institute, then on Vasilievsky island). 

One of the wings.

In 1925 this Monastery was abolished. Since 1990th the inverse process is occuring.

The stretcher has been already prepared to move the Academies of Sciences out :) 
Let' walk around the right side of the Monastery...
View from behind (wing).

The crosses on the left is the graves of clergy. 

Right behind the Monastery is Kazanskaya Church.
The Church was build in 1908-1915 by project of architect V.A. Kosyakov (feel the resemblance with the "Sea Cathedral" in Kronshtadt) in Greek-Byzantine (pseudobyzantine) style. 

The Church in a process of restorations, therefore something looks new and something looks not completely finished.
This is a lateral door, not the main entrance.
Novodevichie graveyard is located behind the church. 
It was opened in 1848, before the Revolution only wealthy people were buried here.
On this graveyard, the architect of this Monastery N.E.EFIMOV was buried here, as well as many other well-known people. In particular, writers N.A.Nekrasov, F.I.Tutchev, artist Vrubel, composer N. Rimsky-Korsakov.
The Graveyard cleaned up only somewhat (closer to the Church). 
Near the entrance, there is a plan with surnames of people buried here. 
A bird. 

This young and inexperienced bird was trying to climb on the round stone, all the time it slid down and fell, until it remembered about its wings :) 

I did not make up my mind on the topic of the next album yet...



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