Wandering Camera

Album 191
(Translated by Yaroslava Yingling)


On the other side of the Moscow Prospect, directly opposite to the Park of the Victory subway station, new branch of the Public library by the name of Saltykov-Schedrin (presently named "Russian National Library") is located.


This construction project is going on from 1982 (moreover, the actual planning of the development begun in 1974).

The constructions were basically finished in the 1990s. 

The Architects V.N. Scherbin, L.K.Varshavsky, L.E.Kiselgoff ("Lenproekt").

The fountains appeared simultaneously with the building. 

It is unknown if the building is finished from another side. Presently, that side looks like strange and absolutely flat big wall. However, the fence around it is not yet removed.

The library is designed to keep 20 million units. There are 16 common reading rooms in the building.
Curiously enough, I associate this library building with some buildings in USA (in the movies). Not that this is bad or good, but simply a fact.

In particular, here is the picture of interior courtyard which is, in my opinion, especially typical. If someone can explain my viewpoint - go ahead :) 

Among the other project of the architect V.N. Scherbin - a subway station "Black Stream" and the hotel "Moscow". Besides, supposedly also subway station "Alexander Nevsky Square (II)".
On the sides of the building are also build small "courtyards" (dvorik).
Here is a "courtyard-well" in modern style :-) 
By the way, library passes are not given here, but in the main library building on Ostrovsky Square. It is even free. Truthfully, you'll need your diploma, otherwise little will you manage to read on your issued pass. 

Official site of the library - http://www.nlr.ru 

The height of the library on project corresponds to the height of the opposite building (I did not check myself, but so is written). As to the opposite building, it was built in 1940-1941 by project of architects B.R.Rubanenko, G.A.Simonov, S.V.Vasilkovsky. Unless I am mistaken, this typical Moscow-style building solitarily erected here in Sankt-Peterburg.
In the following album, we shall move away from the modern style and from the Park of Victory subway station. 

However, we will stay on the same Moscow Prospect :) 



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