Wandering Camera

Album 146
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


In this album I'll briefly tell about the Main Post office. 
Definitely saying, the building itself, the big one with the columns, is in the right.
However, the later built arc strongly associates with the Main Post office now.


The building (the one in the right) was built in 1782-1789 by architect N.A. Lvov. 

The arc was constructed in 1859 by A.K. Kavos in order to connect the building in the left (also given for the needs of the Post office) with the main one.

Let's go inside.

It used to be the yard and not a hall until 1903. Accordingly, the ceiling didn't exist, there were horses and carriages - stables for about a hundred of horses were situated all along the sides of the yard.
The ceiling was made in 1903 by the engineer L.I. Novikov. 

Such a construction (a closed courtyard) is called an atrium. Since our climate isn't always hot, to put it mildly, a double glazing had to be made.

The post office is situated at the street with the proper name - Pochtamtskaya (before, when the post office didn't exist, it was called Novo-Isaakievskaya).
Not so long ago it's been renovated, so everything is new and sparkling.
I can add nothing else to what's already said about the Post office :)

The next album is already the winter ..


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