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Album 146
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Priozersk is more neglected than Vyborg, probably owing to the absence of the finnish border nearby. 
It used to be called Korela, Keksgolm and Kyakisalmi. From 1948 it's Priozersk. 
First records in the chronicles date back to 1295 though according to the other sources prince Rurik died here as early as in the year of 879. 
Karelians, fins, russians lived here. At present - mostly russian.


Let's start from the central square of Priozersk.

This building was called "Public bank of the Northern countries" or "Scandinavian bank" before and was built in the end of the XIX century.

The Cathedral to the birth of the Mother of God on the same square. 

It's exactly between the Lenin and Kalinin streets :-) 

There's also a monument to Lenin on the square but to my mind it's not a very good one.

Architect is D.I. Visconti, 1847
The obelisk with the bust of Peter the I. Near the cathedral.
Established on the 8th of September 1910 by the soldiers of the guards Keksgolm regiment in the honor of the 200th anniversary of the regiment and the return of the city to Russia at the same time.
The church of All Saints (the branch of the Valaam monastery)

By architect Ya. Arinberg. 1890-1892

Bells from the bell-tower
An interesting symbol for the orthodox church? A pagan in a certain manner. Can anyone comment on it?
Some meters further they're rapidly building something like a second church building
The evangelical-lutheran church.
By architect A.Lindgren. 1930.
The sign at the entrance says something like "The Youth Center". And a lock.
And by the church there's a grave.
I should mention that german and finnish graves of the war time have been regularly appearing in Leningrad region and around the whole of the country recently. Sometimes it entails the protests of the natives.
View on the church from the other point.

I also recommend to see the additions to the albums on Priozersk. 

It's time to finish the autumn. One more little album and then it'll be winter.


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