Wandering Camera

Album 128
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Today we'll pay some attention to Varshavsky(Warsaw) station. Though today it's in a quite shabby condition (and now it's not a station any more), but it still deserves attention.


The station is situated in the place of Obvodny canal and Izmailovsky prospect crossing. Bridge over the canal is called the same way as the station - Varshavsky.
Turret with the clock There is monument to Lenin in the bay in the foreground (by sculptor N.V. Tomsky, 1949). Church of Christ's Resurrection is behind (by architects G.D. Grimm, G.G. van Galli, A.L. Hoon. 1904-1908).
This porch is possibly the most interesting part of the building
Opposite part of the station faces the railing. It's been several months by now since the train operation was stopped here, and the railing is occupied by the railway museum. I've already written about it in details in albums 111 and 112.

Complete desolation as one can notice 

But actually they're planning to establish some trading or entertaining center here (though plans have been changed three times already), and to extend Izmailovsky prospect and connect it to Novoizmailovsky one (route will bend round the station).
Building of the station was built according to architect P.O. Salmanovich project in 1860. 

This shot greatly reminds me of Rossi street.

And this tower (water-tower, probably) is situated near the station.



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