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Album 127
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Notable 9th fire-station is situated approximately in the middle of Bolshoi prospect at Vasilievsky island (building 71 or 73). Pluralistically - fire-engineering exhibition. 


This place is interesting, first of all, from the historical point of view and, secondly, for the attention which is paid to the building by its present-day dwellers judging by the land accomplishment.
I'll take a risk to presume that the objects of the cubic form are the lamps which gave warning of the fire or flood. Sphere in the right showed complexity of the fire in some way (and, correspondingly, if they needed help of other fire-stations).
Monument to firemen which perished during the years of the Great Patriotic war (by architect L.K. Lazarev, 1979). 
Very expressive, to put it mildly. It's incomprehensible how it corresponds with the subject. 
One can see why it was situated in the yard and not at the prospect until 1995 :)
Probably, emblem of the fire-service of SPb? Not sure. 
Entrance into the courtyard (to the right from the building).
Clock. As far as to judge the appearance, it's stylized as a piece of pipe with the valve very well.
In conclusion I'll notice that first 11 professional fire-stations appeared in our city in 1803. 

Professional holiday of the firemen (celebrated since 1917) fell at the 17th of April but several years ago it was removed to the 30th of April (this day in 1649 tsar Alexey Mikhailovich has signed "Order about city plausibility" where much attention was paid to the problem of fires).



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