Wandering Camera

Album 125
(Translated by Ilya Saprykin)


Although in the previous three albums we talked about fountains too, this one will be "100% fountain-special" :-)


Fountain alley along the banks of the Sea (Big) channel.
Fountain "Nymph"

Architect A.I.Shtakenshnaider (1854)

"Whale's" (?) fountain
The "Cup" ("Big") fountain. There're two such fountains - by both sides of the Grand cascade. The one on the west is called Italian, and the eastern one - French (important parts of the fountains were made by masters from respective countries).

Built in 1720-1722 to the plans of Miketti (rebuilt since then).

The "Pyramid" fountain.

It's construction is pretty interesting:
water is delivered by seven tubes to the seven camres. All cameras are covered by a bronze plate. There're 505 holes in this plate. The constuction is regulated in such a fashion that the water streams jet to various heights.

The "Sun" fountain.

The central part rotates under water pressure.

The jokery fountain "Pine".
The best way to get wet :)
The "Triton" fountain

There're four of them, and they were made for the Grand cascade, but ended up by the Menazherniy fountain.

The Menazherniy fountain (from french "thrifty").

It's height is about 15 meters and it is empty inside. The fact that it looks so "solid" is dictated by it's construction - the nozzles are situated along a circle, creating something like "water tube".

The "Edam" fountain (there's one more, similar to it, - "Eve").
Architect N.Miketti, sculptor D.Bonazza.
Let's move for some time to the Upper park, - there're things worth seeing there, too. Like this fountain, which is only a few centimeters high, but looks quite mature :)
Some fish...
We're back in the Lower park, in the Mon-plaisir garden.

This is one of the four "Bell" fountains.

The "Sheaf" ("Crown") fountain.

Fountains in this garden were created in 1721-1723 by architects N.Miketti, I.Ustinov and fountain master P.Sualem..

The same "Sheaf", but from another point of view.

That's enough for Peterhoff. For the time being :)


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