Wandering Camera

Album 124
(Translated by Ilya Saprykin)


Let's continue the revision of sights of the Lower park in Peterhoff.
In this album we are going to pay more attention to two of them that have been built not so long ago.


Let's start with the Lions' cascade
The history of this picturesque building (I'm always tempted to call it colonnade) unfolds:

In the beginning of the XIX century there was Hermit's cascade built, according to the plans of architect A.H.Voronihin ("Hermit's" - because the "Hermitage" pavillion is nearby).

"Nymph Aganippa, pouring water from a jug"

Sculptor F.Tolstoy

But, as time passed by, the old cascade become dilapidated, and in 1850-1860 on it's place the Lions' cascade was erected (designed by A.I.Shtakenshnaider).
During WWII the cascade was almost totally destroyed (exploded). It couldn't be restored at once, because required materials couldn't be found (particular sorts of marble and granite).
Although, during last few years construction was evident, hidden by the tall fence. A couple of columns stood proud, challenging the skies.
And, some 16 months ago, the works were finished, and the result is visible today to everyone. Quite impressive
This is the second sight. This bench appeared after the Lions' cascade, very close to it.
The plate reads:


Built in 1844-1847 in the memory of the Great Princess Alexandra Nikolaevna

Designed by architect A.I.Shtakenshnaider. Portrait bust by sculptor M.P.Vitaly. Restored in the year 2000".



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