Wandering Camera


Additions to albums 134-137 (Veliky Novgorod)
(Translated b
y Andrei Frizyuk)


Yuriev Monastery

A view from the monastery to the Holy Cross Cathedral


The church whose name I don't know


A view from a well-sweep to the church dedicated to the Nativity of God's Mother

Yaroslav's court

The church of St.Paraskeva (her name is translated from the Greek as 'Friday')


The Euphemius belltower


The Millenium Monument and a lion near the entrance to the Historical Museum.

Saint Sophia Cathedral is seen in the background


The monument to the Millenium of Russia.

The central figure with a shield represents konung Roerik.

Two angels above look like adjusters who just set the cross on the ground and try to recover their breath :)


Details of the 11th-century Magdeburg gates


Interior view of St.Sophia




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