Wandering Camera

Additional comments to the album 23
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)

(comments by Vladimir Beshenkov (in color), amendments (in print) - by me, i.e. Peter Sobolev).


xref.gif (538 bytes) The Valaam monastery

"The Naval cathedral in Kronshtadt, complex of the buildings of Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra branch at the Lieutenant Shmidt embankment and Staroladozhsky monastery (the Valaam monastery branch is situated here temporarily) at Narvsky prospect, the churches of Theophany at Obvodny and Yekateringofka crossing and the Mother of God the Merciful in the harbor (album 12) - all of those are built by architect Vasily Kosyakov (also one could remember his supervision of the construction of "the last temple of Empire" - the Peter-and-Paul's temple in Peterhof according to the architect Sultanov project). The constructions of Vasily Kosyakov had luck - all of them kept safe..

xref.gif (538 bytes) The fence gate

The fence gate relates to the palace of the grand prince Alexey Alexandrovich (the admiral-general, brother of Alexander the III).

Besides, here is one more shot not included into the album in view of a rather low quality: 

jul25_09.jpg (31378 bytes)

xref.gif (538 bytes) Building at the Pryazhka embankment

The building at the Pryazhka embankment is a profitable house. Its fronts are designed by architect A.G. Uspensky (1904-1905), the active supporter of the "new style" (in it - ornamental modern). The name of this architect (by the way, he's the son of the writer Gleb Uspensky) is often referred to in connection with his social and political work as a revolutionary democrat and his early death in this walk of life. 

One more shot - quite a modern bridge over Pryazhka.

jul25_08.jpg (25186 bytes)


(C) Петp Соболев


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