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Additional commentaries to album 16
(Translated by D. Mosesian)

(comments - by Sergei Tikhomirov, corrections (like that) - are mine, i.e. Petr Sobolev.
additions by people - in color)


xref.gif (538
bytes) Gorokhovaia-Dzerzhinskogo street (a03_13.jpg)

Goes through Oktiabrskii, Kuibyshevskii and Leninskii districts. One of the first streets of the city, it changed its name several times. First it was called the Middle Prospective (relative to the Grand Prospective - now Nevskii Prospekt and Voznesenskaia Prospective - now Maiorova). In the middle of the 18 century, when the Admiralty was built, it was renamed into Admiralty street. Later, after Merchant Gorokhov had built his stone house on it, it was unofficially known as Gorokhovaia (it is interesting to note, that Gorokhov was actually Harrah, a foreigner). At the first half of the 19 century it has two names simultaneously, later - only Gorokhovaia. In 1918, after the well known events, it was renamed into Commissars' street, and in 1927 into Dzerzhinskaia. So the street could not for a long time get a permanent name, but finally it was returned to Gorokhovaia. .

xref.gif (538
bytes) Peter and Paul Fortress (a11_17.jpg)

You can even see the needle 122.5 meters high
And if there was a better visibility, you could see that the southern walls and the bastions are encased in granite (and have been for a very long time - the facing is of 1779 - 1785, they were working fast in those days).

xref.gif (538
bytes) Mikhailovskii Castle (a11_03.jpg)

And here is Mikhailovskii Castle, that is called sometimes Inzhenernyi, somehow I thought that it's yellow, if it's true - write me. It's built by V. Brenna (I mean designed:-)), in 1797 - 1800, probably in a hurry to get ready by the end of the century.
It is interesting to note, that at the beginning of the 19 century the Castle was standing virtually on an island and one could get there only by swimming :-) or across the lifting bridge, and I am somehow absolutely sure that the inhabitants preferred the latter. (Around the Castle there was Fontanka, Moika and two deep moats).

xref.gif (538
bytes) Five corners (a03_17.jpg)

Genesis of the name is rather clear - there are four streets joining at this point (Zagorodny pr., Lomonosova St., Rubinshteina St. and Raz'ezzhaia St. ) forming five corners. . The building on the photo is part of the ensemble of Zagorodny pr. It is built in style "modern ", unfortunately a very nice tower on top of it is not seen.

Here is your tower, what can I do if the building does not fit in the frame. :)

a03_16.jpg (28441

[Vladimir G.Beshenkov] You've got some interesting coincidences in your albums:
The building with tower at Five corners and "an interesting building near Sennaia Sq. " (12 album) are built by the same architect A. L. Lishnevskii. The former in 1913, in neoclassical style, the latter in 1904-1906 in style "modern" with elements of medieval architecture. (Leningrad: City Guide /Edited by V.A.Vit'azeva, B.M.Kirikov.-2nd edition.-Lenizdat,1988.)

xref.gif (538
bytes) St. Vladimir church (a03_19.jpg)

St. Vladimir church proper was built in 1761-1769.

xref.gif (538
bytes) Belfry of St. Vladimir church (a03_01.jpg)

But the belfry was added only in 1783 and was designed by J. Quarengy, one of the most famous architects of that time.
Interesting to note that the 4th floor of the belfry was built only in 1848, designed by L. Rusk.


(C) Петp Соболев


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