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Additions to the album 133 (Vyborg: Mon Repos park)
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)



The central alley (from the gates)
The obelisk of Broglio brothers on the Levkatiiskaya cliff 
The main estate house. 

By architect D. Martinelli, 1804. 

The Neptune temple is in a distance. 
One of the bridges
The second of the bridges 
The column to the emperors Paul the I and Alexander the I
The Ludwigshtein chapel, stairs up. 
The vault
Along the bank
Further along the bank
Info from finnish reader:

This lion is the "Lion of Finnish Independence" which was erected in the Finnish Viipuri in 1927 at the same spot where the used to exist (and once again exists) the monument of Peter the Great. The sculptor of the lion is called Gunnar Finne (1886-1952).
In Helsinki you can find several of his works, for instance the relief in the Insurance Company Kaleva's house near the railway station at the corner of Kaivokatu and Mannerheimintie.
The original monument was exploded in 1940-41 when Viipuri was in Soviet hands after the Winter War, but I did not know that the remains still exist in Park Monrepos.
In many Finnish books on old Finnish Viipuri there are photos and several words about Finne's lion.



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