Wandering camera

Additions to album 130 (Gatchina in summer)


Several shots which were not included in the album:


Gatchina palace
Chesma obelisk
And a little more about the hard life of the gatchina ducks! :)
Synchronous swimming
The White lake (the biggest one)
The Prioratsky palace, side view
The earthen bank is called the "Amphitheater" 

In addition to the earth there're also several stairs. The audience had to mount the stairway in order to watch the "knight's tournaments". 

Project by N.A. Lvov, 1797-1798. 

The Eagle Column.

1770s. Architect is A. Rinaldi. 

The eagle there is in such a terrible condition that one can only perceive something feathery in the past. 

Pokrovsky cathedral - view from the Black lake. 


(C) Петp Соболев


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