Wandering Camera

Additions to Album 106 (Koporie)
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Several pictures not included into the album:


On the way..

Especially I enjoy a recently-planted sapling in the mid of the field:)

A plate near the fortress entrance says: "Protected by state"

That's evident..

" Exact evening-out 601"
These niches are burial places to all appearances

A gravestone by them.
"Dmitry Vasilievich Zinoviev. 1822-.."

In one of the sources of information it mentions landowners Zinovievy. Probably this gravestone belongs to one of them.

Inside the fortress
Ruins near the fortress.

Looks like "Superintendent's house" of Menshikov times.

Local cemetery and a village in the same place, a bit to the right.

Main settlement is a little further - there are blocks of flats as well.

Koporka river - view from the fortification and through the loophole of the turret.
Not all snow melted yet.

Actually it's quite a great height here, but the picture is not very good and it is poorly seen. 

Just another "vault"
Forests and fields viewed from the turret. They say gulf must be seen when the weather is good. Don't know - have not seen it(a line on the picture is a forest, and not a water).


(C) Петp Соболев


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