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Today we are going to walk along the small part of Obukhovsky Oborony Prospekt.

(Obukhovsky Oborona - literally "Obukhovsky Defense" - was named after the events in May 1901,
when the strike of workers of Obukhovsky Mills had grown into the violent riot against police forces,
and so it became a part of history of Communist Revolution



Community Art Center "Nevsky".

Was a property of Nevsky Factory, which we come to later in this stroll.

Built in 1968-72. Design by E.A.Levinson, B.A.Grigoriev, J.I.Zemtsov, I.V.Raylyan, A.S.Pitlyuk (civil engineer).
Looks very similar to the Concert Hall "Oktyabrsky" on Ligovsky Prospekt. Check your orientation: Neva is behind it.

Nevsky Factory.

As you can see, it was recently renovated and territory around it remodeled.
On the right side there are posters with factory history and product reviews (and I
couldn't resist the temptation to take pictures of them).

The building itself is the industrial architecture relic: built in 1863-64 by design of R.R.Henrihsen.

On the facade are large copies of Soviet era awards to the Factory:

Order of Lenin and the Order of Red Banner of Labor.

Sources say that in 1926 in front of the building they had installed the statue of Lenin (by M.J.Kharlamov). Since 1922
(when Lenin was still alive!) the Factory carries an honorable name of Lenin - which was a very popular tradition among
Soviet institutions: enterprises, schools, prominent buildings, etc.)

It also mentioned that in 1974 on the factory campus the memorial was opened to commemorate employees who lost
their lives during World War II (sculptor V.P.Astakhov, architects: I.B.Noah, B.I.Sretensky)

The history of Nevsky Factory:

1857 - "Nevsky Metalworks, Mechanical and Shipbuilding Factory" is founded.
1865 - first ship for Navy is built: battleship "Kremlin"
1870 - first steam locomotive is built here and regarded as best in Russia.
The Factory is recognized with Russian Empire' Coat of Arms.

The beginning of power equipment production: steam and gas-pumping turbines, axial-flow and centrifugal compressors.
1935 - first steam turbine
1936 - first in USSR turbo air pump for 4100 cu.meter/min
1939 - the Factory is recognized with Order of Lenin
1958 - first centrifugal natural gas pump N-280 for main water pipelines

1968 - the serial production started for the 10MW gas pump, the leading type of Soviet main pipeline machines
1977 - designed and developed GTN-25, the most powerful Soviet gas pump (25MW)
1999 - new GTNR-16 is developed and accepted by State Commission.

From left to right:

View of the Factory, from Shlisselburg Prospekt toward Nikolaev railroad (1904)
Factory headquarters building (1904)
View of the Factory, from Shlisselburg Prospekt toward Neva

Nevsky Shipyard and Metalworks, products, XIX-beginning of XX century

More than 4000 steam locomotives are built. Steam engine D-4
Almost 200 ships, boats and submarines are built. Cruiser "Pearl".

NIKTIT - Institute for Research and Technology for Turbine-compressor Machinery.

1933 - establishment of Turbine Design Bureau at Nevsky factory
1945 - establishment of Central Design Bureau for Turbine and Gas Turbine Machine building (COKBTiG)
1974 - establishment of Institute for Research and Technology for Turbine-compressor Machinery

In 66 years more than 400 models of machines were designed here.

Institute does R&D, inspection, repaire, upgrade and all types of testing for compressors and turbines.

Today's products of Nevsky Factory: Steam and Gas Turbines

Steam turbine Т-30-90-1
Power gas turbine ГТЭР-12
Gas pump ГТНР-16

Total: shipped more than 4000 turbines to 32 countries

Today's products of Nevsky Factory: Compressors

Axial-flow compressor K-6400 for ferrous metallurgy
Natural gas pump N-650
Centrifugal compressor K-1500 for air-separators

Total: shipped about 6000 compressors to 32 countries

Memorial plaques on the facade:

"1917 - Aug 4, 1927. At this factory, in boiler workshop, took place the meeting of proletarian youth of Nevsky and Obukhovo areas.
It became the foundation for Socialist Union of Young Workmen, and from it the strong Communist Youth Organization of Volodarsky district."

"Here at Nevsky Factory, in its Locomotive-Mechanical Shop from 1891 till 1896 Ivan Vasilievich Babushkin worked as a craftsman. He was an
ardent Bolshevik, prominent leader of Communist Party, and close apprentice of Lenin"

Central part of Nevsky Factory building
Just across the street is the contemporary (early 1980s) building of Nevsky Factory

Next building is rolling-mill workshop for Semyannikovsky factory. General Semyannikov was one of the Nevsky Factory founders, too.

And architect is the same as for Nevsky Factory: Roman Romanovich von Henrihsen. Construction is done in 1863-64.

Beside that I can offer you three new photoalbums from our guest Vladislav Sorokin.
They are about his trip to Pskov.


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