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(Translated b
y Pavel Sokolov)


As before, we are looking at the Yusupov palace interiors.


Turkish study.

They say that the acoustics here are such that when someone sitting along the wall even whispers anything, everyone else can here it perfectly well. A kind of anti-gossip measure :)

In addition to that there is a secrete passage somewhere in this room, which used to be shown sometimes.

The beautiful stained glass windows are by the entrance.

This room was designated for rest and conversations among close friends.

Another name of the Turkish study is Billiards room (there used to be a billiards table here).

This room was also slightly redesigned in the last few years. For example the arch was white before.

A quite unusual room - Mauritian drawing room.

Created by the design of A. A. Stepanov. Prior to that this was the East drawing room.

Such a peculiar look of the walls is achieved by applying finish over the gilt.
The African man with a shawl resembles the one that decorates the railing near the Labor Palace (Nicholas palace) on the side of Konnogvardeisiy boulevard.
On the right is an onyx fireplace. Sources say that it changes color when heated.
This is a story I heard:

Yusupov had many visitors from Turkey, and it was not quite appropriate to greet them at the entrance on the Moyka side. Thus the windows in this part of the Mauritian drawing room were extended all the way down to the floor, so the Muslim guest would enter the house here, and the host would meet him at the door step.

I could not identify this room.

Is anyone an expert? :)

The prince's bed room.
Designed by A. A. Stepanov in the 1890's.
The same bed room.
The stained glass windows were brought by N. B. Yusupov Jr. from Paris.

The author is the French painter Champaney.

The staircase is done in Karelian birch and leads into the bed room of the princess.
The Caryatid room.

It is also called the Anteroom in the prince's wing.


Designed in 1858-1860 by I. A. Monighetti, rebuilt in the 1890's by A. A. Stepanov.

The walls are covered with stamped, died leather finished with a layer of silver.

This stillroom is not bad I should say.

The view from a window (in the stillroom I think) to the inner yard of the Yusupov palace.




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