Wandering Camera

Album 320
(Translated by Grif)


Lesnoy Prospekt is continued.


Railroad bridge: more or less contemporary.
Under the bridge. Take a look at those wooden panels attached to trusses. Apparently they protect trolley's electrical wires from touching the metal structures.

Immediately behind the bridge.

This is a swimming pool of SKA (Army's Sport Club), which was the first indoor pool of international class in the whole country.

Also it might have been the first public indoor swimming pool in the city. But I was corrected then: the 25-meter pool open for public existed earlier in the building of former Catholic Church of St. Ekaterina.


It was built in 1964-67 accordingly to design of architects S.I. Evdokimov, A.P. Izotko and engineers V.F. Minin and L.F. Onezhski.

The swimming pool was renovated for Goodwill Games in 1994.

People say that initially some foreign company took the renovation contract, but hadn't finished it. So some domestic construction crews completed the job under terrible time pressure. To show to everyone that job was done right, the Mayor Anatoly Sobchak personally dived in during the opening ceremony.

Further to the left there is a Military Sport Institute.
You can see the frieze with sport-theme relief just above the entrance.

Long time ago Leib Guard Moskow (Litovsky) regiment stayed in this very location. Its old barracks still face Big Sampsonievskiy Prospekt (Military Institute occupies the whole block from there to Lesnoy Prospekt).
This is Institute's dormitory building, which partially is used as a hotel.
Across the street there is a wall, separating Lesnoy Pr. from railroad. It was erected in late 1940s.

In the next album we will continue along Lesnoy Prospekt.


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