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(Translated b
y Michael Tarley Jr.)


And now, the interior of the Large Choral Synagogue...


A small hall at the entrance.

A notable feature: a whisper in the corner (near the small columns on the right) will be clearly heard at the other end of the hall, near identical small columns - as if a voice were speaking to you from the wall. :)

Now let's walk in to the main hall.

I note that it was closed when I visited, but the attendant, on his own initiative, offered me to see it: opened the door, turned on the lights, and waited patiently, not objecting to my photographing, and even offering explanations.

Such attitudes differ markedly, to say the least, from the normal actions of the attendants at the Orthodox churches.
I say this as an atheist, from the sidelines, as it were.

The large prayer hall accommodates up to 1200 souls.
This is Aron Kodesh (the Tora Ark).
It contains the Tora scroll.
To quote the source: "by request of the community the historic oak wood floor was replaced by a longer-lasting stone one".
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Ginzburg had donated the most for the construction of the building.

A very beautiful chandelier, even though its design looks simple. Originally it used gas for its 250 burners. Silver-plated.
One notes that visually the Synagogue is in many respects similar to a mosque.
The upper floor is for women. They pray separately from the men.
These stairs lead to an exit.

Here we end our tour of the Synagogue.



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