Wandering Camera

Album 292
(Translated b
y Michael Tarley Jr.)


A reminder: in the last album we stopped at this arch, which looks out at the backyard of the monastery.


Now let's walk through it.

This stone building was erected in 1874 by the architect I. B. Slupsky to house workers.

It is now a hotel.

Another hotel nearby is made of wood. It was erected in 1843.

A source informs me that during construction timbers of up to 50 cm (~20") in diameter were harvested in the local woods.

A bit to the left of our path is an obelisk commemorating the war. I have no details on it.
Here is how the monastery looks as a whole. To the left are the buildings we've already seen.
To the right are the ones in the following photos.
I think these are stables with two houses for the grooms.
A house.

A hybrid of sorts - they must've started with timbers, but wanting more, had to finish with planks. :)

Let's move on. Out by the woods there is this picturesque little chapel, recently restored.
It is called the Uspensky chapel.

It was built in 1899. Previously there was a cross here: it was a favorite rest spot of the founder of the monastery.

Just before entering - a backward glance at the monastery: a wonderful view. No wonder the founder picked this spot to rest.
The inside is very modest: only a desk with a prayer book (or whatever it is called).
The slip of paper at the top left says:

"For the health of the infant Stepan".

The prayer book is opened on the page titled "Acathistus for the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God".

The stains on the desk are from candle wax.

The cupola.

The ceiling begs for an image, but there is none.

A winter bouquet… A pencil on the left, a twig on the right.

Yes, there are a lot of bilberries in the woods. Some people, no figure pointing, please, couldn't be pried away :) And that despite a host of hungry mosquitoes (a human is a rare delicacy on the island of Konevets. :)

The icons in front of the desk.

The signs say: "Saint Efim of Novgorod" (left), "The Reverend Arsenii of Konevsk" (right). The wording in the center is unclear..

A view of the monastery from the open door of the chapel.

In the next album we will walk along the trail in the woods toward the Kazan hermitage.



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