Wandering Camera

Album 289
(Translated b
y Andrei Frizyuk)


In this short album we'll pay attention to three mansions in the Bolshaya Zelenina Street (situated between the Chkalovskaya metro station and the Malaya Nevka).


The first house (Bolshaya Zelenina St., 28) is built in the flamboyant Art Nouveau style.

Formerly a profitable house of the Duke von Leuchtenberg, it was designed by Feodor von Postels in 1904-05.

Mosaic pictures on the walls are interesting
As well as other details of floral decoration
Mosaic is made of smalti using a double reverse method in the Frolov workshop to a design by S.T.Shelkovsky.
By the way, the Bolshaya Zelenina Street got its name from a gunpowder factory.

The street is very old. At Peter the Great's time, there was a roadway leading from the Peter and Paul Fortress to the factory. As "zelie" was the then-current Russian word for gunpowder, the road was called "Zeleinaya". The name got to be pronounced as "Zelenina", as the time went by.

As an aside, that powder factory was the second oldest in the city. I have mentioned the first one in my album about Rzhevka-Porokhovye.

Another house (Barochnaya St., 2) stands almost opposite the previous one.

The building is remarkable for its nice turret.

Formerly a profitable house of A.Yu.Kleibel, it was built to a design by G.G. von Goli in 1899-1901.

The next house (Barochnaya St., 1) has a not-so-impressive turret. It was designed by the same architect in 1903.

I recall seeing a similar turret in the LETI campus (Professor Popov St., 5?)
And finally - the third house.

Its possible address is Petrozavodskaya St., 12, that street running parallel to the Bolshaya Zelenina.

A monument near the house was presented to St.Petersburg by Kaliningrad authorities in honor of the Tercentenary. Its design recalls that of Rinaldi's columns.

The mansion has a decidedly modern appearance, despite revivalist intentions of its architects.

I am told that the house was commissioned in 2001 by the RESTEC exhibition company.

That's how the spot used to look like from the Bolshaya Zelenina Street. A hole in the ground is opposite to where the house now stands.




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