Wandering Camera

Album 278
(Translated b
y Michael Chereisky)

Lets continue our walk. Ive already said that the illumination while shooting this album was unusually good.
Its hard to predict when it happens. Sunshine and a few clouds are necessary but far from sufficient.


First, some general views.
This structure a mermaid on a long pole in front of the entrance to the St. Peter and Paul fortress, near the restaurants has already been there for a few years. Whats exactly and for what purpose - remains unclear.
The Kronverk Bridge across a canal of the same name connects the Mytninskaya Embankment with the Zayachiy (Hare) Isle, on which the fortress stands (on the left).

Although the bridge is wooden with metal beams, its relatively new - built in 1938. Before that, another bridge had led directly to the Kronverk Gate. Due to its wooden structure, the current bridge looks here quite in place.

Sight through the shrouds.
The fortress view across the Kronverk canal.
A small tourist boat looks like carved of a mahogany block. :)
There is something in it, right? :)
The domes of, respectively, the St. Peter and Paul cathedral and the grand-ducal crypt.
The Ioannovsky (St. Jonhs) is the second bridge to the Zayachiy Isle.

The Ioannovsky gate is seen at the other side.

The Ioannovsky was the first bridge erected in St. Petersburg in 1703. Back then it was a pontoon bridge, located slightly downstream. In 1706, it was rebuilt as a pile bridge, and in 1736 moved to its present site, while the bank structures were done of stone. Till 1887, the bridge was called Petrovsky (St. Peters).

In 1950-1951 the bridge was rebuilt again as a wooden bridge, reinforced with a metal framework; lanterns and a fence (similar to that of the Tuchkov bridge) were installed.

This year, the bridge was rebuilt once more, and its bank arches were opened.


Now lets walk a short distance across the Troitzky (St. Trinitys) bridge to Nevas other bank and look at the Mikhailovsky aka Inzhenerny (St. Michaels aka Engineers) Castle upon its reconstruction.

As Ive already told and shown elsewhere, a canal section was dug in front of the castle (on the right). It is still unclear what this sections destiny might be. Perhaps it would be prolonged beneath Sadovaya St. (seen on the picture) and connected to the pond in the Mikhailovsky garden (behind my back)?

This bridge runs across the mentioned canal section. Fontanka river is right in front of us.

The bridge did exist before as well, but for no apparent purpose - since no stream flowed beneath.

By the way, the canal seems to have had a name: Krasny (Red). Probably its still called so.

Entrance to the castle (the canal fence is seen).
A view from the other side (Fontanka river is behind my back to the right).

The mentioned canal fence is in sight.

Now the Mikhailovsky no, not castle this time palace!

It houses the Russian Museum.

In front of the palace: Alexander Pushkin monument on the Iskustv (The Arts) square..

The monument, erected in 1957, was designed by M. Anikushin who also authored the towns best Lenin monument in Moscow Sq.

The well-fed dog shows little interest in a child. :-)
Decorations on the palace grille
and a view through its lattice.
The Savior-on-the-Blood church is seen behind a recently installed lantern.

Now, according to our plans, autumn is coming :-)



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