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(Translated b
y Marianna Serebrennikova)


Let’s continue Vitebsky railway station sightseeing. Inside now.


One of halls - richly decorated and with highest ceiling. It's called "main vestibule"
Nicholas I bust.

The sculptors are the Ivanovs: father and son.

… and tables on both sides of the bust.

The left one says in old Russian language,
St. Petersburg – Vitebskaya railway road was opened during the reign of Emperor Nicholas II
on the 1st of August, 1904

the right one says in old Russian language,
The first railway road in Russia, Tsarskoselskaya, was opened during the reign of Emperor Nicholas I
on the 30th of October, 1837

The paintings are created by V. I. Bystrenin, S.I. Dudin, N.S. Samokish, E. P. Samokish-Sudkovskaya painters.
The Admiralty (in the foreground on the left), the Peter and Paul’s Fortress (in the background), and the Winter Palace (on the right) are painted in the painting.
View from the front staircase.
The other hall is longer.

It is called “Iron Hall”.

In the past windows were gauzy, that gave an opportunity for meeting and waiting people to see what happened on the platform, and not to breathe with a locomotive smoke.

There were not trading (?) pavilions on the right.

Concerning Vitebsky railway station architects:

Stanislaus Anthonovitch Brzhozovsky (1863-1930s) graduated from the Academy of Arts; he built up railway constructions in Russia cities, the building of Bank on 58, Nevsky Prospect, the building of railway goods yard on 242, Ligovsky Prospect.

Semen Isaevitch Minash (1877-1945s) graduated from the Institute of Civil Engineers; he built up the same building on 242, Ligovsky Prospect, the house on 72, Nevsky Prospect, the house on 19, Kamennoostrovskii, the house on 33, Lenin street.

The lamps are modern.
One of the false “doors”.
A waiting room on the first floor.

Not all the rooms are represented here: solid railway station photography in our country is not a simple deal, which can entail troubles.

Besides, one of the halls was under repair still.




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