Wandering Camera

Album 260
(Translated b
y Ingerid Maria Opdahl)


As in previous years, one album is fully devoted to the White Nights.
Although it's already the middle of July, while the whitest night is on 22 June, one cannot force oneself to call this night black :)


The lack of nights here (white or otherwise) is explained by the lack of public transport during them. Therefore it's often difficult to go to make photographs of special things.

So I hope I'll be excused for this abuse of the image of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood (Spas-na-krovi).

We will approach it from Nevsky Prospekt, along the Griboedov Canal.

The black-and-white background to the lamps in colours is not a special effect.

That's how the CCD (charge-coupled device) of the digital camera behaves when there isn't enough light.

The good thing about the night with daylight is that there are few cars and people, only tourists.

It's easier to work.

However, a number of small and large boats traffic the canals.
The Saviour on the Spilled Blood again, but from another angle.
The Adamini House and the bridges at the intersection of the Griboedov Canal and Moika.
Moika and Adamini House again.

This view is from the Second Sadovy Bridge.

And this is the bridge itself.
A somewhat artificial view from the Field of Mars in the direction of the Winter Palace, along Millionnaya Street.

It's artificial in the sense that the distance is 1.2 km from the closest to the farthest streetlamp.

The Peter and Paul Fortress, also seen from Millionnaya Street.
The Troitsky (Trinity) Bridge.

After the construction work it looks so much nicer at night.

The television tower (which is now illuminated by different-coloured lights), and one of the minarets of the mosque.
I never really understood the thought behind the illumination of the fortress wall with fluorescent lamps. The bright white line on the horizon instead of the fortress silhouette looks absolutely ridiculous on photographs and in reality.

The Troitsky Bridge again.
One can see the television tower behind it.
By the way, I've made available the photo in original resolution (2560x1920).

The view of the Dvortsovy (Palace) Embankment and the Dvortsovy Bridge.
The Strelka (spit) of the Vasily Island, with the Exchange and the Rostral columns.
A streetlamp on the Troitsky Bridge.
The television tower, and the LENNIIPROEKT Institute's building.
The Troitsky Bridge without any vehicles.
A part of the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress with moonlight illumination.

To the left is the Dvortsovy Bridge, and in it's opening one sees the Senate and Synod Building (the State Archives).

The Peter and Paul Fortress walls.
The Dvortsovy Bridge in all its glory.

Behind it, like shadows, rise the cranes of the seaport and shipyards.

And the Dvortsovy Bridge again.
In a few minutes it will be...

To the left of the bridge is the Bolshoy Dom (the building of GPU-KGB-FSB).

The Troitsky Bridge's opening.

The Birzhevoy (Exchange) Bridge.
Three moons.




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