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Album 252
(Translated by
Nadya Muzikina)


Continuing with the hotel theme, I would like to bring to your attention a few pictures of the atrium of the Nevsky Palace hotel.


The hotel is located on 57 Nevsky Prospekt (Avenue) - not far from the "Mayakovskaya" Metro station.
It is comprised of three buildings, circa XIX century (55, 57, 59), which were reconstructed in 1993 by Corinthia Hotels International into a single complex, by creating a covered patio, which you can see in the pictures.

The cost of the project was around $45-50 million.
During the renovation process there were conflicts with the Committee on Monument Preservation (the houses were registered with the committee). However, the KGIOP finally conceded.Prior to renovation only building No. 57 was a part of the hotel (now the only thing that remains is its facade).

It was built for profit in 1861 and was rebuilt in 1913-1914 in a neo-classical style, according to the project of architect Bobrov.
During the soviet era it housed the "Baltiyskaya" (Baltic) Hotel.

The adjacent, afore-mentioned houses settled slightly in the early 1990's during the construction of an underground garage (by the Austrian firm).

Now the hotel belongs to Corinthia (bought out from Sheraton).
The interior is completely uncharacteristic for Peter. (a nickname the locals use for their city)
In some places it looks like an American city, especially this photo.
Various shops and cafes are now located in the atrium.
The courtyard-well was made more stylish with glass and metal.

It looks funny.

Spider web :)
The courtyard leads right through to the other side of the building and onto Stremyannaya Street. On this side of the building, there is a museum of the Samojlov family - a family of actors.




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