Wandering Camera

Album 234
(Translated by
Maxim Shablygin)


This album is dedicated to Panteleymonovskiy bridge over Fontanka river.


Recently, in the last year, the bridge has been overhauled. So now it's useful to hurry up with taking pictures of the glittering one. :)
The bridge is located in a noteworthy place: the dome of arts and crafts museum of Mukhinskoye arts school can be viewed (see the picture above) on the right side of the river, and on the left one is Letniy (Summer) garden. Beside the camera Mikhailovskiy, or Inzhenernyi (Engineering) castle is located.
The lattice is patterned with stylized Roman shields and armour.
Some history:

Since 1720s here was an aqueduct - a pipeline for water supply of fountains in Letniy garden (there were many of them that time). It was dismounted after the flood in year 1777.

In 1824 a chain bridge, designed by engineers V.A. Khristianovich and V.K. Tretter, was constructed here.

In 1906, after same-type Egipetskiy (Egyptian) bridge had collapsed during the passage of Grenadier regiment cavalry squadron, Panteleymonovskiy bridge was dismantled and replaced with a temporary one made of wood.
However, it was not the only reason. The other was, that it has been intended to lay a tram line here. So, contemporaries upbraided the tram committee of municipal Duma (city Council) for the bridge dismantling. By the way, the tram line wasn't constructed. :)

Panteleymonovskiy bridge present nowadays has been constructed in 1907-1908 under a project of architect A.P. Pshenitskiy.
The bridge lanterns and decorations are designed by L.A. Ilyin. The work finished in 1912-1914.
Bridge length - 43 metres, width - 23,7 metres.
The bridge got its name from nearby Panteleymonovskaya church.

Since 1923 till the beginning of 1990s it has been called as Pestel bridge by name of the street crossing the river over it. The street itself is correspondingly called by name of Pestel - one of Decembrists (participants of the rebellion in December, 1825). He was living not far from here at Fontanka quay.

Pay attention to the different expressions of faces at the different lantern posts (or opposite sides of the same lantern post). :)
The sight from Panteleymonovskiy bridge towards Neva - we can see the first one in succession of brigdes over Fontanka - Prachechnyi (Laundry).



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