Wandering Camera

Album 229
(Translated b
y Marianna Serebrennikova)


In the Album we are back to Vyborg, park Monrepo; winter this time.
At the same time we walk along the town a little bit, and around a castle.


The central path.
There are New Year celebration remains on the fir-tree :)
There are almost no people in the park; the thermometer reads -18C, and it is depressed somehow. :)
The Neptune temple.
Grass, probably, didn't allow wind to cover the piece of ice with snow; such an "ice puddle" arose here as a result.
A pavilion on a rock.
Shadows inside of the pavilion.
Overhead there is the chapel of Lugdwigshtein.
Below there is the Neptune temple, mentioned above.
The arched bridge.
A twig covered with hoarfrost.
Two of snow-boarders with self-made snowboards.
Different colors in winter and in summer.
It is convenient to walk through the bay to shorten a way in winter.

But cold - very much.

Let's return to Vyborg and climb on a castle tower.
The New Town bridge, if I am right.
A hotel.
Historical centre and a port.
A clock tower The Cathedral of the Transfiguration of our Savior.
Gulf of Finland.
The drawbridge.

A middle piece is risen parallel to water.

A lantern in a courtyard of the castle.
That's all.




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