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Album 227
(Translated b
y Polina Korchagina)


Today we will walk along the Lieutenant Shmidt Quay. Not for the sake of the quay itself but because there are two sail ships morred there: "Mir" and "Sedov". Plus we'll take a look at the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy which I have shown before.


The beginning of the quay. After the Lieutenant Shmidt bridge there's Academy of Arts.
By thay way, it is said that the bridge will be closed for the throughout repair just like the Troitsky one.
Usialluy along this bank you can see different ships and barges.
Today you can see there sail ships "Mir" and "Sedov". They were at the quay for more than a week and people could board it.
The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin

Was built in 1895-1900 by V. A. Kosyakov.

Since 1935 it was closed and the skating-rink with artificial ice was installed inside. Since 1991 the building belongs to the Church again.

It has been repaired for ages

Anyway, let's turn to the sail ships.

The left one is "Sedov". the right one is "Mir".

Let's go to the other bank of Neva, closer to the ships.
By the way Neva is steaming for some reason :)
"Mir" is a educational ship of the St Petersburg Naval Academy after the Admiral Markov (the long moder building on the road to Petergof, near Strel'na)

"Mir" was built in 1987 in Poland and is considered one of the fastest ships in the world. Home port is St Petersburg

The rope seems to have a hole :)
And they they wonder why there's a shortage of ropes in the country ;-)
As many may know there's a story about "Sedov". It was arrested in France for Russian debts. Interesting that Russian mass media says that France was to blame.

It remainds me about last winter Olimpic games when Russian sportsmen was caught using doping drugs, it was presented as intrigues of the USA and EU.

"Sedov" (on the right) is one of the biggest sail ships in the world (according to the Guiness record book).

Length - 127,5 meters, width -14,6 meters, the main mast - 63,5 meters, area of sail - 4 195 square meters.

"Sedov" was built in 1921 in Kil' and was named "Magldalene Vinnen". In 1936 it was sold to "Lloyd" and renamed "Kommodor Johnsen". Than it was given to the USSR as reparation after the World War II and became "Sedov".

In 1980 it had 6 years throughout repair on the Kronshtadt Naval Factory. Now it's the educational ship of the Russian Ministry of fishery, its home is Murmansk Naval Academy.

Further along the quay you can see the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy that was restored recently.

Now it's also famous because V. V. Putin studied there (I guess that's why the building looks so triumphantly)

The Institute was built in 1806-1811 after the project of A. N. Voronihin (he built Kazanskii Cathedral. And indeed the columns look alike).

The sculpture on the right is " Hercules suffocating Antaeus", made by S. S. Pimenov.

On the other side of the portico (I didn't take picture of it) there's the "Abduction of Persephone", made by V. I. Demut-Malinovsky.

The Institute was founded much earlier than this building was built, in 1773. Than it was a school and later a bulk.
bas-relief with a picture of the God of craft and fire Vulcan (V. I. Demut-Malinovsky)
There's a mineralogical museum in the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.
If on the previous picture turn camera a bit to the left, you could see Neva, cranes of Baltiisky factory and the icebreaker "Krasin", whose side shines dimly on the right.

We will go to it in the next album.




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