Wandering Camera

Album 217
(Translated b
y Polina Korchagina)


As usual, lots of pictures, which were left over, accumulated during the season. In this album you can see some of them.


This is a monument to the defenders of Leningrad on the Victory Square.
This is administration hall of the Leningrad region 
Not far away from it you can see Kikini Palati (the Kikin's Chamber)

It's one of the oldest building in the St. Petersburg (1714-1720)

This is a building of XIX century on Rizhskii prospect. It's a part of "Dispatch office for producing the state papers " (nowadays it's a The State Quality Mark Building). 

А building of the similar architecture you can find on the Liteinii prospect and somewhere else

This is the "Sovetskii" hotel, built in 1963-1968 by V.V. Gankevich, E.A. Levinson and A.I. Pribulskii.

On the other side of the street (which faces Fontanka Canal) there's the other five-storey building.

This is the St. Maria's Finnish church (on the Bolshaya Konushennaya street), built in 1803-1805 by G. H. Paulsen and K.K. Anderson.
This is the Rumyantsev's mansion on the English quay 
This is the lattice of the Lieutenant Schmidt bridge. 
This is a clock near the University on the University quay. 

Though there are many universities in the city, actually all of them used to be institutes and during a couple of years ( since the beginning of 1990's) they have been renamed as "universities" and "academies". 

Leningrad State University/St. Petersburg State University always was a university, so when people say "university" they mean LSU/SPSU.

A view from the University quay (from where Isakievskii pontoon bridge used to be) at the Winter Palace.
To the left there's Peter and Paul fortress, in front of us it's the Winter palace, and below you can see a rescue air cushion vehicle.
Roofs of the Peter and Paul fortress complex 
A bridge lamp of the Second Sadovii bridge is in front of the Church of the Bleeding Savior.
A girl reading a book. 

Behind her is the Second Sadovii bridge on the Moika River.

A water motorcycle competition near the beach of the Peter and Paul fortress complex
The Winter palace

The ship is "Meteor" going back from Petergof

A path to the water at the The Strelka (or Spit) which lies on the edge of Vasilievsky Island

That's all. Next album will be an autumn one


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