Wandering Camera

Album 214
(Translated b
y Inna Yakushevich)


In the Gulf of Finland 10 kilometres south of Helsinki there is a fortress in the sea Sveaborg (Suomenlinna).


You can get there with motor-launch or ferry that departure from the wharf near Market Square (Torgovaya).

Remember the photograph of the Trade Square I took in Helsinki 4 years ago? The sea gull is still there. May be its a chick of old one?

In a beginning I thought that this bird is a fat sea gull (it is huge and takes food from the hands of people). But later I learned that it is a cormorant.
Its going to bite the sea gull! :)
Those Finnish girls are waiting for the ferry.

Or, may be they are not Finnish.

Here is a small island in the gulf. Im wondering how people who live there manage it in wintertime?.
Its only 15 minutes of sailing.
As soon as ferry arrives to Artillery Bay, passengers scatter, looking for points of interests.
Each one has his own interests. Here you see childrens playground. Tiles on the ground are made of rubber to protect kids from injuries when fall. It looks as a very interesting idea though.
Those are ropes that connected with metal clamps. Each one has name of the manufacturer on it. I believe its done for case if some child falls down and injures himself.

There is one thing that I didnt understand about this structure: why these ropes are flimsy in the bottom and thick on the top? Rationally thinking you would assume that it suppose to be opposite, otherwise children will not be able to climb onto it.

Garbage cans! And you know whats interesting? In wintertime city gravels streets. And in summertime, as far as I know, they put gravel back to the box that stands near here.
Lutheran Church.

Its tower is used as a lighthouse.

The church was built in 1854 as a Russian orthodox (it had 5 towers) and was intended to serve garrisons needs. In 1920th after Finland gained its independency the church was reconstructed.
This is old Russian bell.

It has an electromechanical device attached on the bottom and tolls automatically.

This is submarine Vesikko which serves as museum (it was closed during our visit though).
A little information about fortress.

It was founded by Swedish in 1747 and meant to defend Helsinki from the sea side. The fortress was named Sveaborg. Russian finished its construction after 1809 (at this time Finland was included into Russian Empire)

Russian Empire governed Finland more that 100 years and during that period many new buildings were build here.

In Russian-Turkish war in 1855, British-French fleet heavily bombarded the fortress

In 1918 after Finland got its independence, fortress was renamed and called Suomenlinna. Until 1972 the military base was located on the islands.
This is a statue of Augustin Ehrensvaerd (1710-1772). He was a head of construction works in the fortress.

Somewhere in the town there is a museum dedicated to him.

This is a domestic (Russian) cannon.

We've seen a lot of this kind here. Label says "N6663, ..., ..."

In next album you will see the fortress, concealed with fog. :)



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