Wandering Camera

Album 212
(Translated b
y Pavel Pugach)


In this album I offer you a few shots taken at some distance from Turku, almost on the road to Helsinki.


This archipelago is a host of small islands, located in the Finnish bay at close proximity to each other, some connected by bridges and others by ferries.
A characteristic of this rather narrow bridge is the absence of a walkway. The road ends with a railing on both sides. And cars go fast there... Apparently, it is assumed that nobody goes on foot here. So we were practically risking our lives shooting from there :)
Last time I was in Finland I got an impression that there is a whole lot of "wild" forest there. This time my impression was proved wrong, at least as far as the area around the big cities is concerned...


Since the road from Turku to Helsinki is rather long, we decided to stop to have a sandwich in the wild. In other words, to drive somewhere into the woods or to the bay shore, so that there wouldn't be any highways and houses in sight. This seemed very easy, since the forest was at each side of the road. However, it turned out that all the paths leading into the woods or to the bay, after 20-100 meters ended with someone's house, separated from the road with just a line of trees (which looked like a dense forest).

This picture shows a part of the previous shot (middle left), but with the maximum zoom. People on the platform are admiring the sunset. It's pretty dark already, so from such distance the shot got blurred - my hand shook a little.

"We built the birdhouses now we're waiting for the birds". Just kidding :)

Such a shabby-looking house (or a barn) - appears to be atypical for Finland, at least near the highway.

The sun is setting over the birdhouses.
A ferry is leaving for the closest islands.
  Only by the ferry landing we managed to drive right up to the water.

There was some sort of a snack bar and two luxurious wooden toilets "a la Russe", but with weird plastic parts. Too bad the shot didn't come out.

"A lonely white sail"

Next on the program - Helsinki at night.



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