Wandering Camera

Album 209
(Translated b
y Tigran Panteleev)

We continue our tour around city of Turku.


A residential apartment building.

I especially closely examined the picture none of the loggias is filled up with junk (in my house, for example, almost all are :)

The apartment buildings in Turku (as I already mentioned in the old Helsinki album) are similarly looking to ours built in 1960s... 1980s. But obviously they are built of other, more modern materials. They also seem to be maintained on a regular basis.
Its interesting if paint from the seat and handlebar is worn off or they just didnt paint it? :)
An entrance to a building.

On the plaques - names of tenants. On the bottom left next to the door you can see brushes for shoe-polishing. The widespread phenomenon.

After Helsinki people in Turku seem to be absolutely different. Probably its due to the fact that there are not so many tourists - mainly the real Finns.
They are probably Finnish girls :)
An overhead streetlight.
Its just a scene from everyday life.
The rails were taken away but the tram was forgotten:)
A toilet booth "Pepelats" style (name of space ship in russian movie "Kin-dza-dza"). I was told a following story about such toilet:

Two of our tourists wanted to use a similar toilet. But they had to pay to enter. They did the following: paid for one, he went in, finished his business and went out. While the door was still open the next one went in.

Everything would be OK if not the effect of misunderstanding of how the mechanism works in the toilet according to which, water starts flushing after one person leaves, :)

A window display.

A natural collage.
Pay attention to an original arrangement of windows inside of the building. St. Petersburgs infamous court yard-wells simply could take a walk:)
Doesnt look bad.

A Toyota.
A library building.
The turned upside down pot (with a hole in it) is an ash tray. This solution is pretty popular.
Just some posters.
We are heading to the bay shore.
There are several ships at the terminal. All together its called
"Forum Marinum"

In the picture Suomen Joutsen (Finnish Swan). Built in 1902.
In 1930 this ship was bought by Finns for training purposes. In 1991
it became a property of Turku.

On the right (out of shot) is a fence there are navy ships (two or three).

You can get there for a fee.

Not far from the shore there is a main attraction in Turku The old castle-museum. I will tell you about it more in a next album.

Its said that there is a difference between Turku and Helsinki and their residents the same way as between St. Petersburg and Moscow :)



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