Wandering Camera

Album 189
(Translated by
Larissa Rogacheva)

In this album we will finish our tour of Catherine's Park in Pushkin.


The "Granite terrace" or " Ruska Terrace" is the one of the biggest constructions in the Park, it's included the lots of landscaping: the enormous lawn, flowerbeds and the number of statures.
In the 18th century on this place use to be the wooden slide (very big contraption, kind of early roller-coaster) but in 1792-1795 it was dismantled. At some point the construction of the colonnade began, but. …never finished.
Eventually in 1809 architect L.Ruska came up with a project of "Granite Terrace"

In the end of 1940th after the war an architect T.Dubiago redesigned the parterre in front of the terrace.
The view on the terrace from above.
The sculptures adorning the terrace are copies of classical originals. They were placed here in 1850th.
On the next three photos you can see the "Ruin" kitchen.

The architect J.Quarengi designed it in 1780.

For artificial ruin it looks rather convincing. I suspect the restoration of an object like this should be very tricky indeed.

The real elements of antics from Greece and Rome were used in the decoration of the pavilion.


The Lower bath.

The purpose of the building -a bathhouse for the courtiers.

It designed by I.Neelov and built in 1778-1779.

It is in the park and quiet close to the Catherine's Palace.

The Upper bath.

Situated even closer to the Palace.

Built by the same architect I.Neelov in 1777.

Here we will leave Pushkin for now, but we definitely will be back…



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