Wandering Camera

Album 187
(Translated by
Larissa Rogacheva)


As promised in this album we will have a look at the" Chinese Village".


Situated on the opposite side of the Podkarrizovaya rode from Catherine Park, across the canal just by the "Chinese Gazebo".
The original idea belonged to A.Rinaldy but eventually architects C.Cameron and V.Neelov realized it in 1782-1792.

The project was changed a lot in the process, for example only 10 houses were built instead of 18, in19th century some of them were reconstructed… and so on…

In 1798 the Emperor Paul (Catherine's son) even ordered its deconstruction, but somehow it did not take place.
Few years ago Village was restored and now it operating as an exclusive resort for "well offs"
Not so different from its original purpose, ii was built as guesthouses for the courtiers. However the public living here definitely different from the historian N. Karamzin or poet G. Derzhavin, who lived here for some years…
Well just couple more albums of Pushkin left for now…




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