Wandering Camera

Album 183
(Translated by
Larissa Rogacheva)


Today on our agenda two pavilions: Grotto an Hermitage. Both are located in Ekaterininskiy (Catherine's) Park, both are creations of F.B.Rasstrelli and fine examples of Russian Baroque park architecture.


We will begin with Grotto.

As you can see from the picture it is not far from Cameron Gallery.

Lots of rather fat ducks always near by…eating.

The pavilion built by F.B.Rasstrelli in 1755-1757.

The quay in front had been changed couple of times and eventually after the war took its contemporary shape in 1972.

The windows are decorated with naval ornaments.
The iron lattice in the windows was installed later- in 1782. The ornament is the similar one to the Iron Gait's of the Catherine Palace.

The glass windows did appear only in 1900.

In the remote corner of the Catherine Park hidden another pavilion: The Hermitage.

It is the only pavilion in this part of the park, so it is not so popular with the tourists.

The Hermitage and The Grotto built by F.B.Rasstrelli, but the Hermitage was constructed first- in 1749-1754. However as it often the case Rasstrelli used the original plan by M. Zemtsov but changed facades and interiors.

The name Hermitage coming from French and mean the "hermit's shack". Not bad for the hat…
Another Hermitage can be found in Petergoff's Park, and most famous one …in St.-Petersburg.

Accordingly to its name the purpose of the pavilion was the place of the rest in the company of the most exclusive and closest friends of an Empress. Even the presents of servants was avoided with the help of the mechanical lifting tables, appearing already served and disappearing for the change of the dishes.

The cartouches on the facades use to be gold leafed, the statures were adorning the walk up to the pavilion, unfortunately they are not there any more.
The canal originally surrounded Hermitage. The restoration is happening but very slowly. So, lets wait and see.




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