Wandering Camera

Album 181
(Translated by
Larissa Rogacheva)


The Admiralty is situated on the bank of the Big Pond in the English stile part of the Catherine Park.


V.Neelov built the Admiralty in 1773.
The boat shed us to exist in this place before; this function was carried on in the central part of the new building. That gave the pavilions its name-The Admiralty.

The Gottorp's Globe (the famous gift to Peter The Great, received in 1713) use to occupy the tower of the middle pavilion. It was stolen by Nazis and moved to Germany in the wartime. After the war it made the back journey and now is the part of exposition of the St.-Petersburg's Kunstcamera museum.

The Aviaries. Two pavilions are on each side of the Boathouse.
The collection of the rowing boats from all other the world used to be kept in the Admiralty. It was lost during the war.
Lets have a look at the backyard.

The cottages on the right use to house the sailors, on the left… try to guess…

The cellar.
The style of the complex is Neogothic, very romantic and extremely fashionable in the end of 18th century.
As you can see the tower, which we so from the pond is just a decoration.
The Gait.
The trident is a symbol of Neptune, but the fruit basket on top das not makes mach sense to me. However, it looks suspisesly similar to the baskets on the grill of the Summer Garden, did they used leftothers?

It probably needs to be mentioned, that the Admiralty was a monument to the Tavridas khanate joining Russia.




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