Wandering Camera

Album 177
(Translated b
y Polina Korchagina)


In this album you will see the spring pictures that were not included in previous spring albums.


A grating on the Ligovsky prospect.

It's a San Gali F. K. garden lattice.

It was made after the project f I.I. Gornostaev in 1873.

Neva River and the Winter Palace
It's a building of Hermitage in the center. It connects Hermitage (a Winter one) with the New Hermitage, which has Atlantes at its entrance.

The Little Hermitage was built in 1764-1769 after the project of J.-B. Vallin de la Monthe.

It's the Hermitage Theater (the bridge over the Winter Canal is on the right).

The Hermitage Theater was built in 1783-1787 after the project of Quarenghi.

Birzhevoy Most (Stock Bridge)

A view from the Vasil'evsky Isle.

The Dvortsovaya Ploschad' (the Palace Square), the Winter Palace
The Dvortsovaya Ploschad' (the Palace Square).

Triumphal (or Alexander) Column in scaffolds.

The Admiralty
The Second Sadovy Bridge over the Moika River (Near the Field of Mars)
An interesting building at the corner of Lermontovsky prospect and the Griboedov's canal.

This is a school (or at least it was built as a school) in 1983 after the project of S.V. Vasil'ev.

Novosmolenskaya quay (near the Primorskaya metro station).
A duck (a drake, to be exact) on the bank of the Lebyazhya Canal...
...And the Lebyazhya Canal itself.

In the background you can see the Mihailovsky (Engineer's) Castle

The entrance of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra (near the Ploschad' Alexandra Nevskogo metro station) and it is also the Nadvratnaya Church. It was built in 1783-1785 after the project of I.E. Starov.


The Holy Trinity Cathedral.

It was built in 1776 after the project of I.E. Starov.

The same cathedral and the Alexando-Nevskaya Annunciation Church (D. Trezini, 1717-1725)
The Lomonosov's Bridge.

In the background you can see the Leshtukov's Bridge and Troitsko-Izmailovsky Cathedral




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