Wandering Camera

Album 173
(Translated b
y Marianna Serebrennikova)


Today I suggest you to look at stairs of a random house on 95, Nevsky Prospect (95, Staro-Nevsky Prospect).


This is a profitable house of G.G. Gessel; it was built in 1912 according to architect L.M. Kharlamov project.
Gates leaf with a grating, decorated with an emblem. (May be not an emblem).
Certainly, much was reconstructed inside.
… but some things are kept.
For instance, railing.
A window view is a typical St. Petersburg's center yard.
Stained-glasses are in some stairs windows.
Nowadays the building, like many others, is leased for offices of various companies.
A very lonely flag is on the floor; it's not understandable, why it is kept.
Probably, for history specially.

METTLACH is a mettlach ceramic flag. A type of ceramic (dye added and fired loam) floor flag.

The name originated from German city of Mettlach, where production was organized for the first time.

An opposite house corner (Nevsky and Suvorovsky crossing) was "decorated" with a glass turret, which looks inappropriately at all.

There is a bank there, to my mind.




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