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Album 167
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 In this album I will show you a pair of interesting houses at the corner of Righsky and Staro-Petergofsky prospects and the neighbourhoods of Repin Square including a little piece of Griboedov Channel situated not so far.


A rather remarkable house, Righsky, 29.

The former M.V.Ziva mansion. Was built by the project of B.I.Girshovich in 1905-1908.

They say, that house comes to the hundred St.Petersburg best modem style buildings.

The fence itself looks a little bit gloomy and reminds a cemetery.
Such tables hand on some houses of Righsky Prospect (and not only).
It is an insignia of OSOAVIACHIM ОСОАВИАХИМа (A Defence, avia and chemical building assistant community) - the USSR social organization (1927-1948). In this case it means that the whole house entered OSOAVIACHIM.

Management of OSOAVIACHIM became DOSAAF (Army, avia and navy free will assistant community).

Now, conventionally, the follower is ROSTO (Russian defence-sport technical organization).

The inscription on the ribbon: "Let us strengthen the USSR defence.

Behind the above - mentioned house - probably a coach-house.
It is old too, but near XIX century.

Maybe it belongs to neighbouring Kirshtner mansion (1878-1879)

They guess that sometimes carriages went out from this doors.
And horses lived on the attic ;-)

But first of all they keeped hay there.

However, I was told that many-storied stables were wide-spread (a horse can easily be led to the second floor, carriage - no).

Now the outskirts of Repin Square. It's name is connected with the famous artist, he lived here for some time.
(By the way - a new summer album about "Penaty" in Repino is planned).

On the picture, besides Fontanka river you can see two streets:
Griboedov channel to the left, and Sadovaya Street to the right..
Both are finished here.

Former "suezggeei"(for assamble) Kolomna fire-brigade house. Fire-tower raises here. The house was built in 1840-th by the project of R.A.Gelyazevich.

A milestone to the left was established in 1782 by the project of A.Rinaldi - it was the beginnig of the Peterhof road.

A house remarkable by it's form of an iron near the Malo-Kalinkin bridge. Architector W.W.Shaub, 1911-1912.

Staro-Kalinkin bridge and the Admiralteeysskie dockyards behind.

The first, wooden bridge was built here in 1733 but the stone bridge just like this one - in the end of 1780-th .

In 1892-1893 the bridge became wider, it was made not-drawbridge and lost some appearance details.

In 1907-1908 it was made more wider and a tram-way was built.

Maybe the embankment was built from two sides at the same time and there was a little mistake in calculations ;-)
In 1965 the bridge was reconstructed so it became closer to the very first project. The lanterns were recreated in 1989.

The corner building across the bridge is a Navy hospital.

Let's take a walk through Griboedov channel now.

Two "Pobeda" on the embankment.
In the same colour.

Estonian (Svyato-Isidorovskaya) church and the Mogilevsky bridge - a part of Lermontovsky prospect.

The bell tower of Nikolsky Cathedral to the right.

Now let's finish our walk. In the next album we will continue it near this region.




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