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Today I'm glad to present you the report of the Day of Navy fleet celebration.
More precisely, the report of one traditional event - this day (last Sunday of July) several military ships of the Baltic fleet moored at Lieutenant Schmidt and English quays. People are allowed to get aboard and watch how everything works.


22th of July was declared the Day of the Navy because on 22th of July in 1939 the decision on construction of the USSR ocean fleet was accepted. The initiator of establishing this holiday was N.Kuznetsov, the national commissioner of the USSR Navy. 

In the picture you can see the biggest ship moored at the English quay. We are going to the next one.

People walked along the trawler in three directions - to the bow gun, to the stern gun and to the platform in the center in order to be a bit closer to the sky.
The bow gun (see the pictures) was in operation and could rotate, so sailors entertained children and girls by using it as a merry-go-round:)
Two professions are better then one :)
I guess this thing is used for polishing the deck

But I'm not sure

By the way, a large part of the vessel is made of wood. It's usual thing for mine trawlers because mines can be magnetic as well..
It is worth mentioning that there was a queue for getting aboard the ships (there were 3 ships at English quay). And it seemed that the length of queue depended on the size of the ship. We thought that we wouldn't wait for the largest ship and decided to go to the middle one. To the smallest one there wasn't a queue at all.
The ship we chose had a notice on it, saying:
"Base trawler BT-44
Project 1265 (Yahont)
Release date 30. 04. 84
Launch date 29. 02. 85
Date of entering the structure of the Russian Navy - 25. 10.85
Performance characteristics:
maximal length - 49.05 m.
maximal width - 8.8 m.
Immersion - 2.2 m.
Displacement - 436 tons
maximal speed - 14.9 knots
Crew - 36 persons
Artillery - 2x1 30мм AU АK-230
2x1 25мм АU 2м3м
Rocket - 4 PZRK "Needle"
Mine-trawl - a contact trawl GKT-3, an electromagnetic trawl PAMT-4, an acoustic trawl АТ-6
Radio engineering:
Sonar for mine search of MG - 89
Radar for surface targets search "Voigach"
The basic applicability:
Struggle against mines in coastal areas, on coastal and skerry waterways and in distant coast areas"
Shelves for tags
The spleen :)
Illumination parts ->
The bow gun

It was impossible to photograph it without people around

The place behind the gun also wasn't vacant
But we succeeded to snatch a moment
Trawl floats, I guess
It's pretty high there :)
Which one is more dangerous :-)
(The red notice says: "Stay away when it works. Danger")
The ship, which had he longest queue.
These patriotic looking torpedo-tube lids belonged to that ship. Those lids and stars on its sides suited it.
This wonder dashed by. Actually, on weekends it dashes along Neva regularly :)
On the other bank of Neva, there was a lager ship at the Lieutenant Schmidt quay. But we hadn't time for it.

That's all for now


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