Wandering Camera

Album 12
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)

Today I'll take an occasion of the instability of the weather :) The album will consist of two parts, at first - a short review of the exhibition Norwecom'98 in the Harbor, then - several winter shots which weren't included into the previous albums but seem to be interesting. 


f20_05.jpg (38238 bytes) So then, Norwecom'98. By all accounts it was supposed to take place at the same time as Invecom, but it was postponed as a consequence of the disagreements between two large companies. 
The exhibition was arranged in the two pavilions and was very particularized - nearly communications facilities only. Mainly phones, wireless stations and also companies providing fiber-optic communication links on the territory of Russia. f20_04.jpg (29000 bytes)
f20_06.jpg (56861 bytes) A huge phone with flashing buttons.
A map of pay phones allocation around the city (reddish spots). The pay phone coming into the view in the left was free and available to all, probably, on advertising purposes :) f20_01.jpg (34041 bytes)
f20_08.jpg (30857 bytes) It seems to me that these guys were playing at the stand of LEK Telecom at the previous exhibition :-)
I came across the Lucent at the SPb exhibition for the first time. By the way, their Inferno is a potential competitor to the Sun Java. Though, I can't say it justified hopes but still it's the only one.  f20_07.jpg (28851 bytes)
f20_11.jpg (20980 bytes) Videotelephone. I didn't ask what channel it requires, but judging by the image quality, it's definitely not a standard voice one. By eye - it shows about 10-15 shots of 320x200 a second.

Here we'll finish with the exhibition and go outdoors to take a breath of fresh air :)
The unmarked on the map construction, not far from the harbor. A good foreshortening and … the nasty chimney-stalks have turned into nothing but a small fire ;) f20_12.jpg (31598 bytes)
j09_06.jpg (15373 bytes) Troitsy bridge lamps reflecting in Neva. As it were torches..
The Russian Museum view from Mikhailovsky garden side. Please notice some uncommonnes of the tree reflection in the lake (shot made on the 19th of January) :-) j19_11.jpg (30718 bytes)
j25_03.jpg (35147 bytes) Interesting house not far from Sennaya.
Along Universitetskaya embankment… n26_25.jpg (21239 bytes)

I think today's shots agreed with the inconstancy of the weather in the last week rather well. 
It looks like we'll never see a true winter this year, because March is at hand…

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