Wandering Camera

(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


This white night will be more correct than the last year's one. 
I mean that last year's one was shot in July and was not quite white, strictly saying. 
This time everything is perfectly correct :-) 
By the way, I will not be telling about architects and history of bridges in this album in order not to break.. eh-eh.. romantic atmosphere of the white night :) 


Around 00 o'clock.

Slope to the water near Troitsky (Trinity) bridge (which we'll walk over to another bank a couple of shots later)

Sailer - the same place. This sailer is the real one unlike the one at Dvortsovy (Palace) bridge.
Going along Troitsky bridge.
Lamp, Moon, Peter-and-Paul's fortress.

Strange highlight of the fortress' wall slightly spoils the shot (not only this one :), but still - it's beautiful.

There are Troitsky bridge railing. Cabinet of curiosities, Stock Exchange building, Rostral column, Customs building in the background.
Mramorny (Marble) palace and Dvortsovaya (Palace) embankment.
Slope to the water at the bridge. I'll remark that this time I've been shooting almost everything from support, with 2..8 seconds exposures, that's why water came out not quite accurate.
There are Stock Exchange building and Rostral columns on the other bank.

Moon fitted very well.

Cabinet of curiosities' tower and a part of the Palace bridge.
We'll go over it to Vasilievsky island now.
Zimny (Winter) palace
Railing of the Dvortsovy (Palace) bridge
In immediate proximity to Cabinet of curiosities

The fact that it's so wrenched out of shape is the objective's fault, actually it's all right :) 

Dvortsovy(Palace) bridge.
Glowing lines in the lower part of the shot are boats hurrying to sail under the drawn just now spans..
A person is engrossed in thoughts having sat at the Rostral column :)
Spit of Vasilievsky island. By the way, it's recently restored. Birzhevoy (Stock Exchange) bridge is seen in the background…
…people at this shot are observing its very drawing. 8 seconds exposure. Evaluate the person's in the center ability to be motionless :-)

Drawing span of the Troitsky (Trinity) bridge (it has one as well as Liteiny bridge) is in the background in the right. 

Spit and Birzhevoy bridge
Such construction can be met when going from Birzhevoy bridge to Peter-and-Paul's fortress (along the canal). In the daytime it's not catching your eye. If anyone knows what it is and where it refers - write me.

And now I have a question to you, readers. I am interested to hear your opinion on this issue: 
In the first tens of the albums I spent very little attention to the history of buildings, their architects. Is it worthy to make such additions in the texts of the old albums? 
Or maybe it's better to leave it as it is? 


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