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Uranius Enterprises has extensive network integration expertise in LAN/WAN technology, client/server applications and remote access. We can assist in the planning, design, support, analysis, implementation and tuning of your distributed computing environment in the following areas:

Systems Design

-Providing technology direction
-Performing hardware and software needs analyses
-Performing performance and scalability analyses
-Performing systems compatibility studies
-Providing systems recommendations
-Developing and administering technology budgets
-Reviewing purchase requisitions
-Establishing wiring design requirements
-Planning physical layout of network hardware components
-Evaluating and selecting network operating systems
-Managing IT vendor relations

Systems Implementation

-Providing complete wiring solution (twisted pair, coax and voice cabling)
-Installing and configuring Network Operating Systems
-Configuring client PCs
-Establishing and administering maintenance policies and procedures
-Establishing and administering security procedures
-Establishing and maintaining disaster recovery, back-up, and anti-virus procedures
-Monitoring and optimizing network resources (network traffic, storage usage, hardware performance, etc.)
-Performing installations and tune-ups of hardware and software components

Network Maintenance

-Providing complete network visibility (security, activity and efficiency)
-Delivering complete unattended system maintenance
-Applying operating system patches and service packs
-Diagnosing and resolving hardware and software problems
-Troubleshooting and repairing hardware components
-Performing network backbone and network peripheral maintenance
-Performing disaster recovery testing on key system components

Advanced Technological Solutions

-Complete turnkey Internet/Intranet solution (Web, Mail, News, Proxy servers)
-Complete Information System setup (SQL Server with Web and LAN clients, Database design and maintenance, Fax servers, RAS services)
-Heterogeneous Systems (Complete interoperability between Windows NT, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris)
-Implementation and support of major Office suits, office productivity software, numerous off-the-shelf and custom software solutions
-Specific Project Consulting. Application of technological expertise to a specific technology project or task
-Departmental Technology Reviews. Evaluation of an individual department's current technology position and immediate technology needs, often geared toward resolving specific problems within a department
-Site Technology Assessments. Site-specific assessment of a company's current technology position and immediate technology needs
-Company-wide IT Studies. A comprehensive analysis of a business's technology issues and infrastructure
-Data Processing Audits. A thorough evaluation of data integrity and data processing procedures
-IT Crisis Management. Highly focused short-term consulting to resolve IT problems, often resulting from management, staffing, or infrastructure failures
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