In February of 1721 a craft industry house was built not very far from the Aptekarsky ogorod (Medicinal vegetable garden) in Saint-Petersburg by the order of Peter I. It was the first workshop in Russia to manufacture doctor's instruments, i.e. it was the predecessor of the "Krasnogvardeets" production plant of today. Since then the enterprise has not changed its product profile.

In 1911 articles of the instrument production plant were rewarded with a Honour Diploma at the International Exhibition in Dresden. Today the OAO "Krasnogvardeets" with its 800 employees amalgamates two enterprises: in Saint-Petersburg city and in Staraya Russa town of the Novgorod region.

At the present time the the OAO "Krasnogvardeets" produces approximately 30 articles of medical technique.

The main advantage of our instruments and devices is that having a relatively low cost and simplicity to handle with they guarantee the possibility to use well-known and mastered medical methods.
It is confirmed by the fact that during domestic and foreign exhibitions our articles have been rewarded with 13 grand gold medals and 21 diplomas.

The OAO "Krasnogvardeets" have received several international prizes, i.e. the International gold prize for the commercial prestige got in Madrid in 1997, the International prize for technology and quality got in Frankfurt, Germany in 1997 and the Gold prize of America for quality got in New York in 1998.

The reliability of equipment produced is guaranteed by the stability of production processes and modern methods of quality control.

Traditions, high professional level of engineers and workers, broad technical possibilities, the receptivity to new technologies and management methods are the reliable guarantee of the fruitful cooperation for all potential partners of the OAO "Krasnogvardeets".

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