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The sights of Saint-Petersburg:
Churches (part I)

(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Many churches and cathedrals are the outstanding works of art built by the ordinary people, not necessarily believers.
I wish you to take them as that.


The Isaakievsky(St. Isaac's) cathedral 

Built in 1818-1858 according to O. Monferran project. 

During the soviet years there was a Foucault's pendulum which clearly demonstrated the fact of the Earth rotation (it was taken down after perestroika). Museum of religion and atheism was situated in the cathedral for some time (later it moved to Kazansky cathedral). 
One can go up the colonnade, a view on the city opens from there. 

Late classicism style.

Address: 1, Isaakievskaya square
Nearest metro station: Gostiny dvor, Sadovaya

Location on the map: map 

The Savior on the Spilled Blood (Christ's Resurrection Cathedral)

Built in 1883-1907 according to A.A. Parland and V.I. Malyshev project at the place of the emperor Alexander the II death (as the result of the members of Narodnaya Volya attempt). It was supposed to resemble the St. Basil's cathedral in Moscow. 

"Russian style"

Address: 2, Griboedov channel embankment 
Nearest metro station: Gostiny dvor

 Location on the map: map 

The Kazansky cathedral 

Built in 1801-1811 according to A.N. Voronikhin project. Commander M.I. Kutuzov is buried in the cathedral. Museum of religion and atheism was situated here during the soviet time.

Classicism style.

Address: 2, Kazanskaya square
Nearest metro station: Gostiny dvor

Location on the map: map 

The Nikolsky (St. Nicolas) naval cathedral

Built in 1753-1762 according to S.I. Chevakinsky project. The colonnade by the same author is situated near. 

Baroque style

Address: 1, Nikolskaya square
Nearest metro station: Sadovaya

Location on the map: map 

The Smolny cathedral

Built in 1748-1764 according to F.B. Rastrelli project. A huge bell-tower was supposed to be in front of the cathedral. 

One can go up one of the side towers. At present different exhibitions and concerts are held in the cathedral. 

Baroque style.

Address: 3, Rastrelli square
Nearest metro station: Chernyshevskaya

Location on the map: map

The Peter-and-Paul's cathedral

Built in 1712-1732 according to D. Trezini project. Russian emperors and empresses starting with Peter the I are buried in the cathedral.

Peter's baroque style.

Address: Peter-and-Paul's fortress 
Nearest metro station: Gorkovskaya 

Location on the map: map

The Trinity-Izmailovsky cathedral

Built in 1828-1835 according to V.P. Stasov project. The blue dome was studded with the little stars before. 

High classicism ("Empire") style

Address: 7a, Izmailovsky prospect 
Nearest metro station: Tekhnologichesky institut

Location on the map: map

The Chesma church

Built in 1777-1780 according to Y.M. Felten project. The reconstructed Chesma palace is situated nearby. 

Gothic style 

Address: 12, Lensovet street 
Nearest metro station: Moskovskaya

Location on the map: map

The Vladimirskaya church 

Built in 1761-1783 according to P.A. Trezini project. The bell-tower (it's not in the shot) is built according to D.A. Kvarengy project and reconstructed by F.I. Ruska. 

Early classicism style (redesigned from baroque) 

Address: 20, Vladimirsky prospect
Nearest metro station: Vladimirskaya 

Location on the map: map

Knyaz (Prince) -Vladimirsky cathedral

Built in 1769-1789 according to A. Rinaldi project. 

Early classicism style

Address: 26, Blokhin street
Nearest metro station: Sportivnaya 

Location on the map: map

The "Easter cake and paskha" church 

The church was built in 1785-1787 according to N.A. Lvov project. 

Classicism style 

Address: 235, Obukhovskaya oborona (Shlisselburgsky) prospect 
Nearest metro station: Proletarskaya 

Location on the map: map

The St. Sampson cathedral

Built in 1728-1740 according to D. Trezini and I. Lapshin project, with the assistance of M.G. Zemtsov.

Peter's baroque style

Address: 41, Bolshoi Sampsonievsky prospect
Nearest metro station: Vyborgskaya

Location on the map: map

The Armenian church 

Built in 1770-1772 according to Y.M. Felten project.

Early classicism style

Address: 40, Nevsky prospect
Nearest metro station: Gostiny dvor 

Location on the map: map

The St. Alexander Nevsky Lavra

The complex of buildings: The Annunciation and St. Trinity cathedrals, Lazarevskaya, Fedorovskaya and Above-gates churches, monastery suites, four old cemeteries (including Necropolis of the XVIII century, Necropolis of the Masters of Arts). The construction was carried on from 1715 according to the projects of D. Trezini as well as T. Shvertfeger, P.-A. Trezini, Starov, I.Y. Rossi and M.D. Rastorguev. 

Baroque and classicism styles.

Address: 1, Monastyrka embankment 
Nearest metro station: Ploschad Alexandra Nevskogo

Location on the map: map

The catholic church of St. Catherine 

Built in 1762-1783 according to Vallen-Delamot project, with assistance of A. Rinaldi.

Early classicism style 

Address: 32, Nevsky prospect 
Nearest metro station: Gostiny dvor

Location on the map: map

The Savior-Transfiguration cathedral 

Rebuilt according to V.P. Stasov project in 1827-1829 (the original was built according to M.G. Zemtsov and P.A. Trezini project in 1743-1754).

High classicism ("Empire") style 

Address: 1, Preobrazhenskaya street
Nearest metro station: Ploschad Vosstaniya

Location on the map: map

The protestant church of St. Mikhail (Michael)

Built according to K.K. Bulmering project in 1874-1877. 

Pseudo-gothic style

Address: 18, Sredny prospect of Vasilievsky Island
Nearest metro station: Vasileostrovskaya

Location on the map: map



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